Promotional fortune cookies

What is a fortune cookie?
a sweet cookie which when broken open reveals a slip of paper carrying a message - traditionally your fortune

What is their shelf life?
8 months

How quickly can you deliver them?
allow 2-4 working days, urgent orders can be turned around quicker

Can you deliver outside the UK?
yes - we supply companies throughout the world

Can you supply fortune cookies with traditional fortune messages? 
yes - here are some examples

Do I have to write my own messages?
no - you can use some of our existing messages eg. traditional, inspirational, motivational, funny, romantic, friends, golf, wedding, home sweet home, etc

What is the minimum quantity for fortune cookies with my own message inside? 
only 300

Do you supply prize winner cookies?
Yes – individual handmade cookies (which look identical to the main production version) can be supplied as part of a main order and cost £2.50 each

How many messages can I have?
unlimited number – the basic cost includes the set up cost for the first 5 messages, there is a £5 set up charge for each message after the first 5.

How long can my message be?
allow around 120 characters including spaces for each side of the slip. We also have extra large message slips which can take around 200 characters per side

Can you print a logo on the message slip?
yes - we can print a colour logo - usually on the reverse of the message slip

Can you print on both sides of the message slip?

Can you print the wrappers?
yes – we can print a one colour design onto our standard foil colours in house or 2+ colours via the wrapper manufacturer.

What colours of foil wrapper are available?
You can choose from silver, red, gold, blue, green, brown, white, pink, black or clear.

Images of the wrapper colours can be seen here > 

Can you mail them direct to my clients?

What are the ingredients?