Our promotional fortune cookies have your own messages inside so they are produced to your own specific requirements and our fast delivery service means we can get your order to you within a few days of you making the initial enquiry. 

We can also print the wrappers with your own branding or text and can include logos and images on the message slips inside the promotional fortune cookies.

Although we handle orders for hundreds of thousands of cookies our smallest production quantity is just 300 at a basic cost of £80.


Promotional fortune cookies:  key information ...

The basic cost for our personalised fortune cookies includes:

  • individually foil wrapped fortune cookies

  • up to 5 different personalised messages mixed randomly throughout each carton - additional messages can be included at an additional set up cost

  • message printed in black on one side of the message slip - colour printing is also available

  • choice of foil wrappers – clear, silver, gold, red, purple, green, blue, brown, orange, black, pink or white

  • The message can be approximately 120 characters long, including spaces, on each side of the slip – spread across a maximum of 3 lines. This is an approximate guide as slightly longer messages can be used but the font size will decrease. Extra large message slips are also available – see below

  • The shelf life of our cookies is 8 months

  • Delivery is 2-4 days from order

  • We can deliver all over the world

promotional fortune cookies

Promotional fortune cookies: Optional extras:

  • printing a one colour logo on the foil wrapper - same leadtime as plain wrappers ie. 2-4 days

  • prinitng a full colour logo on the wrapper - additional 4 week leadtime

  • additional messages – the basic cost includes the first 5 messages – there is a set up charge for extra messages

  • printing on reverse of message slip

  • printing logo or other image file

  • colour printing on the message slip

  • handmade fortune cookies - for major prizes etc: These look identical to the machine made cookies but are packed separately

  • extra large message slips – which can take around 200 characters per side across 5 lines of text

Printed fortune cookie wrappers:

The basic cost includes a plain foil wrapper in a choice of colours.

We can also print the wrappers. A one colour print can be produced in house and is suitable for production quantities of up to circa 10,000 and has the same leadtime as plain foil wrappers ie. 3-4 days.

We can also print the wrapper via the wrapper manufacturer which is suitable for larger production runs or for logos of 2 colours or more. This incurs an additional leadtime of 4 weeks.

Fortune cookies - stickers

We can also produce and affix miniature stickers to the wrappers which is suitable for smaller production quantities requiring a colour logo on the wrapper.

Themed messages to go inside the fortune cookies

We have a range of themed messages which can be printed inside the fortune cookies. These include traditional fortunes, motivational quotes, inspirational quotations, Christmas cracker jokes, children's jokes ... You can print all of the messages from one of these themes on one side of your message slips and your own message, logo, url etc on the reverse.