As well as personalising the messages inside your fortune cookies we also offer various options for branded packaging:

printed fortune cookie wrappers
Personalised fortune cookies stickers
fortune cookie boxes
printed fortune cookie boxes

Printed fortune cookie wrappers

The basic cost includes a plain foil wrapper in a choice of colours.

We can also print the wrappers. A one colour print can be produced in house and is suitable for production quantities of upto circa 10,000 and has the same leadtime as plain wrappers - 3-4 days. We can also print the wrapper via the wrapper manufacturer which is suitable for larger production runs or for logos of 2 colours or more. This incurs an additional leadtime of 3-4 weeks.

Fortune cookie header card packs

Our fortune cookie header card packs enable you to include additional information on the card whilst using the fortune cookie to create impact and standout. The card can be printed on one side or both and is affixed to the top of the fortune cookie wrapper.


Stickers for fortune cookie wrappers

As an alternative to printing the wrappers we can print miniature stickers and affix these to the wrappers. This is an ideal solution for projects requiring a full colour design but with a low production run.


Branded fortune cookie boxes

We can produce white stickers overprinted with logo / text and affix these to the range of boxes available. This is a cost effective option for low production runs.

Printed fortune cookie boxes

Some of the square individual fortune cookie boxes can be printed with a one colour text or logo. Print colours available: gold, silver, white, black, lilac, purple, red, burgundy, brown, pale blue, mid blue, pale pink, green.

This option is not available for the takeaway style boxes.